Koepf's EditionsCompositions – For Nataschas Bass Flute and Live-Computer

For Nataschas Bass Flute and Live-Computer

Siegfried Koepf 1994 – 2001

Program note

The composition is based on an analysis of Natascha Pschenitschnikowa's Bass Flute. The analysis refers to the logical relationships between the keywork and the tone holes (or rather the corresponding pipe lengths) of the instrument. The set of all combinatorial possibilities forms the basic material of the composition. This material was sifted through and arranged by several filter and sorting algorithms, notated as a sequence of fingerings and combined with collaboratively developed playing instructions. This sequence of events is realized by the performer and recorded by the live-computer. Then, the signal is played back by the computer in a real time process, producing a canon in five parts.

From the program booklet of Feedback Studio 30th anniversary, 2001.10.11, Cologne University of Music