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Beuys goes Pythagoras

Siegfried Koepf 2000

Program note

Beuys goes Pythagoras is the sound of Joseph Beuys' speech "which refers to the intention to found a Forum for the Active Neutrality", recorded in the 80's, filtered and amplified by 36 parametric equalizers.

The 36 equalizers were programmed in nine groups, featuring four frequencies each. The frequencies of each quadripartite group represent a Pythagorean Tetrachord and form again a Pythagorean 5th with the next higher group. The result is a kind of a Pythagorean scale spiral with a range of five octaves.

Beuys goes Pythagoras was originally commissioned by The Museum Schloss Moyland, composed, mixed, produced and 2000 by Siegfried Koepf.

From the CD booklet of Beuys goes Pythagoras, see Koepf's CDs

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